Healthy lobster dishes are an Easter hit at new Lake District restaurant

One of the Lake District’s most respected chefs has created a ‘winner’ with a number of unique lobster dishes at his newest bar and restaurant, Brown Sugar.  Ian Dutton, who opened his latest venue in September 2018, and is also the owner of Dutton Cuisine’s Village Inn and Pig restaurants, decided to ‘push the boat out’ and try something original.  The tempura lobster burger consists of lightly tempura battered lobster tail with cool mango and seaweed aioli, chunky mango and avocado, roasted red pepper salsa and crisp romaine lettuce and is served on a toasted bagel.  He has also created a delicious lobster niçoise salad.  To Ian’s knowledge, Brown Sugar is the only establishment in the area to be serving such dishes.

“At £24.00, the lobster burger is certainly at the top end of the price scale for our customers, but surprisingly, these have been flying out of the kitchen and Easter in particular has seen a real surge in demand,” he says.  Healthy lobster salad at new Lake District restaurant
Brown Sugar, which is located in the heart of Windermere village, specialises in offering healthy smoothies and shakes, power bowls and salads.  Earlier this year, Ian highlighted a definitive ‘shift’ toward healthy living and a more health-conscious clientele, with their ever-changing menu geared very much toward this growing need.  In March he launched a new spring menu which reflects these tastes, offering lobster, mussels, mackerel and goat’s cheese and woodland mushroom tortellini, drizzled with pesto, toasted pine nuts and thyme croutons.  

Working alongside Ian is his son, Harry, who was named Head Chef at Brown Sugar earlier this year. In January, he created a health-conscious monkfish dish and raspberry and pistachio soufflé, both of which are packed with calcium, protein, iron and fibre, alleged key nutrients in fighting the effects of chemotherapy drugs, and also suitable for diabetics.  

“I have always maintained that the secret to my success has been change!” explains Ian.  “To listen to customers and respond to their needs.  At the moment, we’re catering for a healthy crowd; all three of our venues offer extensive menus which include varied and healthy options for those who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free, and we will always create bespoke dishes for those with intolerances and dietary no-no’s.  We took a gamble with the lobster, but it’s working!  As ever, we’re delighted to be able to offer something different for those who want to try something new.”