Yescapa: Hire a motorhome from locals across Europe

Ever feel like escaping the crowds on holiday? Yescapa makes travelling off the beaten track easier allowing you to hire a motorhome or campervan from locals across Europe.

While there's lots to look forward to this summer, nothing kills the holiday vibe more than battling crowds of other eager tourists. With Yescapa, once you've prepared your summer playlist your only worry will be finding the best spot to watch the sun set.

How to escape from mass tourism this summer

Road trips provide the flexibility and freedom that standard flight & hotel holidays lack: they give you the control to choose your own scenery, every day and bring along the comforts of your accommodation. A motorhome holiday can get you off the tourist trail and closer to quaint villages and hidden secret spots!

Thanks to Yescapa — dubbed the Airbnb of campervans — you can hire over 5,000 unique motorhomes, and campervans for the best suited road trip experience. The app and website are currently available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Yescapa connects people who own leisure vehicles with people who want to holiday in them. Today Yescapa is the largest peer-to-peer platform for private motorhome sharing in Europe. Having provided over 15,000 road trip holidays last year, the platform has positioned itself as a key player in the tourism sector. 

Holidaymakers of all ages can discover Europe in a new way this summer: whether it’s for a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a trip with old friends. Examples of destinations for 2018’s best summer adventures include Lisbon, Fuerteventura and Corsica. 

Yescapa - a classic VW motorhome on the beach

Benefits of motorhome sharing

Besides the indisputable freedom of a motorhome and campervan holiday, there are of course a myriad other advantages. Camping in general allows you to be at one with nature by exploring scenic locations and engaging in a whole medley of exciting outdoor activities. It may be century-old wisdom, but there’s just something about losing yourself in the great outdoors. Imagine waking up to the sounds of crashing waves or gazing at the stars before bedtime and enjoying the fresh evening air. You can experience that by hiring a campervan in Spain for example and explore the coast.

Campervans and motorhomes can be hired Yescapa in several European countries, and thus directly at your chosen destination. This eliminates the long and strenuous journey across the Channel, in the case of British travellers: all you need to do is pick your vehicle and arrange a meeting point with the owner. It is as simple as that.

All users on the platform are verified to ensure maximum safety. High-quality customer service, comprehensive insurance and round-the-clock breakdown assistance is also available across Europe.

Overall, renting a campervan for your trip will give you the opportunity to make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones that will last you a lifetime. You will get to see new places, meet new people and get closer to nature.

So bon voyage and don’t worry about not sticking to the itinerary – the journey is, after all, the best part.

About Yescapa

Yescapa connects holidaymakers with local campervan and motorhome owners and allows them to rent easily and securely together.

With more than 5,000 unique vehicles to choose from, it offers the largest rental fleet in Europe. Founded in 2012, Yescapa has more than 150,000 users from 74 countries.

There’s a road trip for everyone out there. Yescapa aims to bring the freedom and fun back to the motorhome holiday, making it more accessible than ever before. The company employs 30 people from eight different countries.