Marwell Zoo's first SUPERSIZED! brick adventure!

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Marwell Zoo in Hampshire will be home to dozens of new species, as it becomes the first attraction in the world to host a brand new collection of supersized toy brick creatures in 2020.

SUPERSIZED! An astonishing larger than life brick adventure will feature up to 40 models of curious real-life creatures with an explosion of colour and size. 

The event will be on display at the zoo from 4 April to 3 September 2020, starting with 30 sculptures of various sizes in 16 locations around the park, and more models arriving throughout the summer.

Following the ROARing success of BRICKOSAURS! in 2019, the brand new immersive adventure has been created with more than two million toy bricks and will include some of the deadliest and most deceptive creatures in the world, all blown up to enormous proportions. 

From sneaky predators such as the fearless honey badger and venomous blue-ringed octopus to the aptly named assassin bug, all creatures have been chosen for their colourful appearance in nature, unusual natural abilities and because they can be magnified to an eye-popping size.

Other highlights include a three metre tarantula and a towering two metre spitting cobra. 

But are these fearsome creatures what they seem? Guests can follow the trail to discover more about each species and break the myth of these often-misunderstood creatures.

Sean Mannie, Commercial Director at Marwell Wildlife, said: “This year’s event will be more interactive, more immersive and even more colourful. Marwell Zoo's first SUPERSIZED! brick adventure!Plus, there’ll be lots of fun and informative facts, making it educational too.

“Our aim is to entertain, whilst also debunking prejudicial stereotypes, particularly given so many species become rare or under threat because they are misjudged and persecuted.”

Mannie continues: “Guests will go through a minimising ‘machine’ on arrival so they feel shrunk at the start of their journey and this will be emphasised by over-size props they can interact with.”

Continuing the interactive theme, guests visiting the park will be able to play games, build their own models, create toy brick graffiti and find out how the expert model makers use tiny toy bricks to build the eyes of these huge creatures.

Brand new additions to the event will be introduced in May with a deep-sea themed area that for the first time will include moving and lit displays, followed by a new UV toy brick experience for the summer holidays.

The creative geniuses at BRICKLIVE, say it will take their team of professional builders more than 10,000 hours to create the exclusive event.

SUPERSIZED! will be included with general admission. Zoo ticket prices cost from £18 per child (3-16 years) and £22 per adult, which include an optional donation. Children aged 2 and under go free and every penny spent at Marwell helps the charity support the zoo and its conservation projects in the UK and overseas.

Marwell Zoo, home to more than 140 species, is owned by Marwell Wildlife, a global conservation charity leading programmes in the UK, Africa and across the world. The charity engages with over 40,000 schoolchildren through curriculum-based education programmes and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors each year to its 140-acre site.
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