European wine regions to take your motorhome

What springs to mind when you think of the most iconic and memorable European holiday destinations? Sun, of course; monuments, yes; natural rural beauty, naturally – and, quite often, some of the best wines in the world.

If you want all these in bucket loads then one of the most popular ways is to do it by motorhome. Motorhoming allows you to discover or rediscover Europe on a whole new level; getting closer to those intriguing and lesser known rural spots and of course, sampling local food and drink.

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for customers at Erwin Hymer Centre, Travelworld, and the Stafford-based business says it’s often asked about the best motorhome-accessible places to relax and unwind but also experience the local culture and food and drink.

These questions inspired the business to invite former BBC Food Drink Program presenter and wine expert, Jilly Goolden to their opening event in February earlier this year to tell guests about some of the best places in Europe where you can be at one with your favourite wine. Here are some of the places that were on Jilly’s list. Wine - motorhome holidays in Europe


Alsace sits on the bank of the river Rhine on the border with Germany, Switzerland and Lorraine. A well-known wine tourism spot, Alsace has an interesting culture of its own, belonging to France but with a distinct German influence and its own dialect. Its colourful history is reflected in the distinguishing Germanic buildings, brightly coloured and made from timber which make it a fascinating and beautiful place to visit.  Alsace is also home to some of the best known wines, primarily white wines, which are both dry and sweet and aromatic, as well as some of the most well-known Rieslings in the world. Other key grapes from the area include Sylvaner and Pinot Gris. For a campsite in this region, where you can take your motorhome have a look at this one in Wattwiller, Alsace. Scattered throughout France are Aires de Camping which are free ( or low cost) motorhome stopover spots, some are public and some are private.


Emilia-Romagna is a Northern Italian region well-known for not just the great wines it produces but the balsamic vinegar, cheeses and other Italian delights- if you’re a foodie on the hunt for some artisan gastronomical delights – this is your place. Sandwiched between Tuscany and Veneto, it doesn’t have the same ‘touristy’ feel as other Italian cities and regions.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in this region, in your motorhome, then take a look at Centro Turistico Citta di Bologna or Agriturismo La Stadera. Don’t forget that Italy also has some great one-night stopover places, like the Aires in France - Aree di Sosta is the name given to these places. Each one is different but most will have a water supply – in some you cannot stop over-night and there is usually a sign stating as much – 24 hours is the max stop over period – if you need a longer stop over then you can stay in some of the larger sites


Its name alone suggests this region has more to offer than just beautiful countryside. The Champagne region in France is just an hour east of Paris and it is of course, linked to that sparkling wine that many of us love, although interestingly, champagne was not actually invented in the region itself.  It’s believed that the process of making sparkling wine was developed in the south of France and brought up by monks who appreciated the climate and the soil conditions further north. A largely agricultural area, Reims is the most high-profile city in Champagne, an old city with a gothic cathedral at its centre, some of the main champagne producers originate from here. If you’re taking your motorhome to the area, take a look at this campsite in Val de Vesle.

If you like the idea of motorhoming then why not pop down to the Erwin Hymer Centre at Creswell Park and have a look at our impressive stock of motorhomes, or speak to one of our friendly representatives who can tell you more about the joys of motorhoming.