Pearson’s Arms launches an Oyster cocktail

Whitstable’s Pearson’s Arms is launching an Oyster Cocktail in celebration of Whitstable’s famous Oyster Festival, 27th- 29 July.

Those familiar with Whitstable will know the importance of local oysters, real PGI Whistable Rock Oysters that is.

Mixologists at the Pearson’s Arms have whipped up a cocktail that compliments and champions this humble slippery seafood delicacy.

Silvery patron tequila is mixed with fresh lime, triple sec and a dash of tabasco. The drink can only be finished with a real PGI Whitstable Rock Oyster to perfectly balance the explosion of citrus flavours.

Silvery Patron Tequila

Fresh LimeOyster Cocktail

Triple Sec

Dash Of Tabasco.

PGI Whitstable Rock Oyster

The Pearson’s Arms is located on the seafront in Whitstable and is known for its welcoming cosy feel and quality food and drink. The bar serves real ales, fine wines and the restaurant has a wholesome menu of locally sourced seasonal foods.