Not just about The Tea Shops

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Over 15 million people visit The Lake District every year and even with the reputation the British have for drinking tea, there must be something other than tea shops drawing them in.  For sure when it comes to tea shops The Lake District has them in abundance. But even if you sample the finest tea the area has to offer your visit will have been wasted if you don’t venture out into what is arguably The Jewel in The Crown of England’s Green and Pleasant Lands.

The beautiful landscape has shaped the people and culture of the area.  Mining and Farming, of one sort or another have shaped the lives of Cumbrians and the landscape in which they live.  Time has seen a decline in these industries but still the landscape has an inescapable grip on the lives of the inhabitants.  Tourism and conservation now play an important role in how the land is used by the folk who use to work the fells and dig dirt from the ground.

Strangely enough digging dirt is one of my childhood memories of being outdoors.  Quite why I was digging dirt I can’t recall but I do recall the feeling which it gave me.  I was content; happy to just be outside.  Equally strange then is that my first job was in a room with no windows and only artificial light.  I didn’t realise until I was about 28 that I just liked being outdoors.  This surprising realisation has shaped the last 30 years of my life and could so easily have been missed.

Joint Adventures - Not just about The Tea ShopsSo outdoors is something you should definitely try!  Really, truly, definitely.  Yes I know there can be problems with it.  The rain, the wind, the hills and the “Where on earth are we now?” sort of problems.  As with any problem there is always a solution. Wear the right clothes.  Check the weather forecast and don’t try Mount Everest (or Sca Fell Pike) as your first step.  Most importantly, just in case there is anyone still living in the 60s, it’s not about character building (aka doing it without the proper planning and equipment).  You are going on an adventure.  Exploring is what people do and it should be fun.   Of course problem solving isn’t a new thing.  People have been doing it for years.  You can bet that if you don’t know how to solve a problem someone else does. Even if you don’t know what the problems are someone will know and have found the solution.  Find an outdoor provider ( they are not as common as Tea Shops) but there are lots out there.  The benefit of using a guide is that it solves the problems.  Instantly you can start to explore and learn and have fun and you don’t feel that you are being tested to your limits.  For details of what adventures may await you and how you and your friends can start, contact Joint Adventures.  

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