Top 10 Spookiest Spots in the UK

Britain is home to historic halls, creepy castles and plentiful of paranormal activity. From poltergeists to headless horsemen and everything in-between, there’s plenty of history hiding away in the UK’s dark shadows. 

With Halloween a short while away, Protection Supplies have mapped out 44 of the UK’s haunted hotspots:

You should also check out some of these spooky places in the UK!

Hampton Court Palace, London – Henry VIII’s ex-wives, Jane Seymour and Catherine HowarTop 10 Spookiest Spots in the UKd, are often seen running across the court, screaming for mercy.

The Village of Puckley, Kent – With a ratio of one ghost to every eighty-nine people, Puckley was voted the Most Haunted Village by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland – Once the clock strikes midnight, you can hear the ghost, Blue Boy, ear-piercing cries throughout the castle.

Raynam Hall, Norfolk – As the daughter of the UK’s first prime minister, Dorothy Walpole is often seen creating hysteria throughout the hall.

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire – With walls that carry a history of children being murdered and witches being burned to the ground, it’s unsurprising that many ghosts have been spotted lurking. 

Fyvie Castle, Scotland– This 800-year-old castles is known for a phantom trumpeter whose trumpet echoes can be heard throughout the castle.

Crumlin Road Goal, Belfast – This dingy dwelling used to be a jail and a courthouse, and is notoriously known for being one of the most haunted places in Belfast. 

Skirrid Inn, Wales – After the landlady tried to sell this pub, glasses began flying around the room, implying that the ghosts wanted her to stay.

Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool – What used to be an orphanage and hospital, is now a derelict ghost-hunting playground. Here you can expect to hear the cries of children and the sounds of doors opening and closing.

Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminister – In this old underground military facility, numerous visitors have experienced the presence of the infamous ghost, Oswald, who is known to tug hair, touch people and move items.