Rooftop Hotels With Incredible Views

Few things are more relaxing than having a glass of wine or enjoying a great dinner with an incredible view in front of you. This infographic from Top Grade Roofing takes you through some of the best rooftops from around the world if you’re ever lucky enough to visit any of these places. 

For example, Las Vegas is a very popular resort and if you are there to hit the tables or catch a show, be sure to check out the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort. See the whole city beneath you while enjoying a drink. Dubai has become a very popular destination in recent years and has a wonderful rooftop hotel on the 24th floor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Be sure to check it out if you’re planning a holiday there.

Europe has some fantastic holiday destinations and the infographic features some wonderful rooftops. If Paris is your destination of choice be sure to check out the 7th floor of the TerrassHotel for some wonderful food and a great atmosphere with a fantastic view of the city beneath you.

Lisbon is another wonderful city and if you’re there don’t miss your chance to check out the rooftop of the Bairro Alto Hotel and watch the sun set from behind the bridge while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat.

Eastern Europe is becoming very popular for holidays with a wide range of holiday destinations to choose from in the region. If you’re in Prague, be sure to check out the 5thfloor of the Hotel U Prince as it has a fantastic restaurant with a wonderful view of the city as you eat.

Perhaps you should bookmark this article so you’ll have it at hand if you’re ever in these places on holidays. Check out the full infographic now!

rooftop hotels with incredible views infographic