Reconnection glamping weekends aim to inspire those with hectic lives

Pause for Effect is launching a brand new series of active, creative and reconnection events this summer in the Hertfordshire countryside, just outside of London. The Pause mission is to create safe, creative sanctuaries away from our crazy, noisy lives, enabling adults and children alike to reset and learn to be comfortable simply being themselves.

Pause for Effect will be using Home Farm Glamping, near Elstree as a base to create inspiring environments that allow participants to play, run, read and learn just like we did as kids. These take the form of three different experiences for families, grown-ups and a land girls activities event.

Aimée Bryan, the founder of Pause for Effect, says: ‘At Home Farm, we’re creating an environment to help all of our guests pause, on their terms. We’ve organised all the food, the activities, and the beds so that our guests spend their time focusing on themselves. Guests will be treated to a full timetable of activities for them to enjoy as much or as little as they’d like. This includes activities designed to draw out their creative and inventive side, enabling everyone to have as much fun trying new things and failing, as they do succeeding. By the time our guests leave, we want them to be feeling more alive and human, fully re-connected. Which enables them to be more effective in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.glamping

‘By pausing a little every day, and putting our own needs first, we feel more in control of our lives, more confident and more conscious of the decisions we make. Pausing helps us free up the headspace to think clearer and more effectively.’

Aimée set up the Pause for Effect experiences as an alternative to detox weekends. She says: ‘We won’t be asking for your phones at the farm gate. It’s not a case of switching off to switch on. We have Wi-Fi and recharging facilities available. But our intention is to actively distract guests by showing them a better way to enjoy their time at Home Farm than by being permanently attached to social media or their phones. To encourage JOMO – the joy of missing out - and living in the present. We want to encourage our guests to connect to others, to enjoy the outdoors and to start breaking their dependence upon tech, naturally. This sets a great example for the younger generation who have never known life without tech embedded in their learning, entertainment or communication systems and who, as a result, have shorter attention spans, less natural problem solving and creative abilities than my generation.’

campfireThis is the first year that Home Farm and Pause for Effect have launched their joint events. Aimée chose Home Farm for its air of calm and proximity to London. She says: ‘Finding a location so close to London – it really is just a tube ride away - with the space and beauty of a country retreat wasn’t easy, but Home Farm has the perfect vibe.’

Jess Gibbs, who runs Home Farm Glamping, is delighted to be hosting the Pause for Effect experiences. She says: ‘This is the perfect way to move Home Farm Glamping to the next level and create the ideal spot for busy Londoners to unwind. Pause for Effect is exactly the ethos I had in mind when I set up Home Farm Glamping, and Aimee's Pause events will allow people to maximise our farm's true potential for rest and relaxation.’

The events timetable is a mix of creative and physical experiences, ranging from dawn and dusk yoga, creative writing and journaling, pottery, den building and wood tentchopping, fishing and hiking to dip in and out of every day. There will also be a quiet tent for meditation or retreat and guests will be able to sit around the communal campfires and chat.

The Grown Up Events are designed to appeal to urban professionals looking to escape the city, who have a desire for adventure, but the need for a good night’s sleep and a short commute. These events are for people who understand the value of their time and who are probably working long days and nights. This will be a much-needed break from the norm and a chance to re-energise. These are aimed at 28-45yrs old, couples or friends.

The Family Events will appeal to parents of primary school children, and particularly mums or dads who will be looking after kids single-handedly whilst their other half goes to work during the holidays. These events are an opportunity to entertain the kids, without the need to organise anything. An extra pair of hands will be on site to give them a break, all in a safe environment. This is all about creating new memories together, with time for mum and dad too. 

The Land Girl events will appeal to creative, feisty, maybe single girls, who are looking to make connections with others, as much as learn new skills. They are girls who like to learn and socialise with others, about 25-45yrs old.

Dates of the Pause events can be found here: