Record-breaking summer for Dutton Cuisine’s ‘Pig Restaurant and Bar’

Ian Dutton, owner of The Pig restaurant and bar in Windermere, has declared this summer its ‘best ever’.  Takings at the popular and unique establishment on Crescent Road, in the heart of the village, are up 15% on the same period in 2017, with August up 8%, despite a slow April.  Ian took a massive gamble when he opened the 40-seater Pig in March 2016, following a refurbishment which took just five months and cost more than £400,000.  With more than 70% of its menu offering based on ‘pork’, it remained to be seen whether the fickle consumer would get on-board with his unusual vision.  

But its popularity has surprised even Ian, as he explains:

“I love pork, but not everyone does!  So, it was a bit of a gamble opening a restaurant dedicated to the meat.  However, the punters can’t seem to get enough of it.  The food side of the business has taken off massively this year in particular, and this has translated into above-average profits despite being down 10% in April.  From May to August, we have been averaging 250 meals per day, pretty incredible for a small restaurant.  I believe the secret to this season’s healthy takings are due, in part, to our innovating the menu continually, offering something different and our growing reputation for value and quality.  
And a sunny summer definitely helps!”Record-breaking summer for Dutton Cuisine’s ‘Pig Restaurant and Bar’

Customers of the Pig can choose from dishes such as pig feast pizza, sausage pattie with sweet onion and fried egg, and cured maple bacon chops, together with fish, seafood, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

“Pork and apple scotch eggs are still one of the most popular dishes here!” says Ian.

Ian’s latest restaurant – Brown Sugar – on the site of the old Lighthouse restaurant in the heart of the village, opens this month.