Dogs Go Glamping!

Brits love dogs - it’s a fact. Now four-legged friends are being invited on dog-friendly glamping breaks with their owners at Dog Days Holidays in South Wales for their own little bit of luxury.

Sue and Roger Edwards set up Raven’s Retreat, a glamping shepherd hut retreat for people with dogs, two years ago as their Dog Days Holidays accommodation.

Sue says: ‘Glamping was an option to give everyone, dogs included, an outdoor break with a great deal of comfort, which is why we decided to have dog-friendly facilities both inside and attached to the accommodation. Living in Powys, where there are more sheep than people, it seemed appropriate to choose a shepherd’s hut!’

Created by Blackdown Shepherd Huts, this traditional shepherd hut is 16ft and insulated with sheep’s wool, and has a pull-out king size bed and table to maximise the use of space. There is also a log burner, a kitchen area with sink, microwave/grill, kettle, toaster and hob. The back door leads to the bathroom via the veranda with a covered walkway. Hot water is on tap in the kitchen area and in the bathroom, which contains a mini bath with a shower and Villa compost toilet.  The veranda hosts a barbecue in the garden and a breakfast table.  The hut sleeps two to three people, and, of course, the dog!

Dogs Go Glamping!

Named after their collie dog, Sue and Roger created Raven’s Retreat because they felt they were excluded from travelling with Raven, and they wanted to create a place for others in the same position.

‘Enjoying a break with your dogs is really important; they are part of the family.  People are booking in with their dogs and we’ve had everything from chihuahuas to German Shepherds, and all the dogs seem to adore the glamping experience,’ Sue adds.

Raven’s Retreat offers a dog-sitting service and a dog proof garden, as well as a paddock attached to the garden where they can run and play freely. The shepherd’s hut is situated in an ideal place right alongside a public Woodland Trust wood.

‘There are so many brilliant walks and dog friendly eating places in the area, as well as the beach being just 45 minutes away.

Dogs Go Glamping!

‘To honour the glamping experience for everyone, we provide biscuits and treats for the dogs as well as the human occupants. We always give our canine guests a toy when they arrive – although Raven has difficulty understanding that the toys are not for him, but it all ends well!

‘It’s been great meeting such a variety of dogs.  We have created a truly enjoyable experience for people who want to holiday with their dogs. Glamping is the perfect option for the four-legged friends!’