An Armoured Invasion Hits Sea Life Brighton!

Aquarium reveals brand new installation, Claws

Pincers at the ready for an armoured invasion at Sea Life Brighton this April, as the aquarium unveils its latest captivating installation, Claws.

A must-visit attraction for young and old alike, Claws will open to the public on 22 April 2017. The installation welcomes a host of fascinating new shell-dwelling creatures to the world’s oldest operating aquarium. 

The undisputed stars of the show will be two statuesque Japanese Spider Crabs. The largest of the crabs, which were previously housed at Sea Life Helsinki, has a leg span of a whopping 1.3 metres and can grow to the size of a car!

Visitors will also come face to face with the Peacock Mantis Shrimp, one of the most brightly coloured animals in the world. This fascinating creature is a joy to behold, but don’t let its pretty exterior fool you - it is also one of the sea’s most feared predators.japanese spider crab

This little shrimp can move its arms with such force that the water around it boils – if humans had the same power in our arms, we could throw a cricket ball into space!

mantis shrimpIn addition, Claws will invite visitors to enjoy a tidal tank showcasing the sea creatures often found around the UK’s shores, such as Velvet Crabs, Starfish and Green Urchins. 

With a dazzling array of creatures plus Tropical Cray Fish and large Land Hermit Crabs on display, as well as the chance to participate in crabby craft sessions, Claws offers the chance to experience some of the ocean’s most spectacular shellfish.

The interactive installation hopes to shine a light on the crustacean group, one of the ocean’s oldest and most unusual varieties with around 70,000 species in existence.


Max Leviston, General Manager of Sea Life Brighton commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Claws to Sea Life Brighton! It’s easy to dismiss the crustacean group as being 9188_hermit-crab_0.jpgthe crabs and lobsters you might be familiar with, but there’s so much more to it – crustaceans are truly mesmerising creatures.

“Last year we took in a Giant Lobster called Daniella which is nearly a metre long and weighs in at 3.75kg, the largest the local fisherman had found in 30 years of pulling up lobster pots! I’m delighted that we now have this opportunity to bring even more shell-dwellers to Sea Life Brighton. 

“Brightly coloured, majestic and breath-takingly powerful, the creatures of Claws have it all! I can’t wait to see the looks on our visitors’ faces as they experience the installation for the first time.” 

Sea Life Brighton is open from 10am every day apart from Christmas Day. For current closing times or further information, please visit